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horrorcore, cannibal, Juggalo, Gathering of the juggalos, wicked shit Insane clown posse
The Gate Guardians

Dezlooca the Cannibal. A notorious Serial Killer Known only as X, and Archaic the Devil, Said to be the Son of Satan himself.. If not the Dark one in Human Form. These two estranged brothers meet in a purgatory like realm, Called "The Acres of Flesh" they discover they have both been employed by a Deity they now refer to as "The Demon". To Guard Purgatory and Guide the Lost souls Through the Gates. years after they arrive at the  Acres of Flesh, the Two are once again contacted by this entity. This time he Commands them to Open a Gate Called "The Path To Exile" which contradicts their original orders and duties to NOT cross over themselves, yet allow only damned souls to move forward. Under the Guise that once on the other side they would be responsible for saving the Earthly plane from The final Apocalyptic war between Heaven and Hell. However, once they went beyond the Path of Exile they were greeted to a world undone. As if the War had taken place and was long over. Now, 10 years later they have roamed the "UpSideDown" looking for the other side of the Path of Exile. One thing is for certain, once the Gate is found. The brothers will not be stopped in their mission to take Vengeance on the Demon.

However, once the brothers found the Permeation stones, and opened the Path to Exile, they did not return to the Acres of Flesh, They found themselves... Home... In seattle, 2018.  

Now corrupted from the Permeation, they must use their new found purpose to make it back to the Citadel and Destroy the Demon....


But will the Door take them there...Or some where else?

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