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Every time you feel someone is there, hear a creek downstairs, or feel a presence unknown The Cannibal is Close! No restraint, No Mercy, and No Respect for Human life, this monster has unleashed some of the most BRUTAL Horrorcore the Genre has ever seen. From tours to out of state shows, Merchandise to stage presence, Dez is not to be forgotten ANY time soon!


​Dezlooca The Cannibal Born Daniel Hopwood, Was born in Phoenix Az.  Raised in Seattle, Wa. He was most known for his adventures as a Homeless Street youth. After Founding the Street mafia known as "The Looca Family" He slowly started working his way around the city, pushing more and more of his families ideals. Shortly After this the looca family Disbanded and Dez went into hiding for many years. After many Battles with Drug addictions, Police, and the Overall Daunting life style of a Street youth, Dez moved forward and became the Horrorcore Artist he is today! It wasnt always easy but he his now here to bring the WICKED SHIT like NEVER BEFORE, To Feed the Never ending Darkness inside all of us.

 "Reminds me of why I got into Horrorcore to begin with. Dez's music reaches into the darkest places of my brain and says everything I can't without getting locked up!"
"The Missing Link in the Horrorcore Scene"

-- Shaun Brewer

-- Jessica M. Moore

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